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Nonton Men of War (1994) Film Streaming Movie Download

RGenre: Action, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 103 MinView: 6 views
36 votes, average 5.2 out of 10

Nick Gunar is a burnt-out, jaded and hard-up former mercenary who is having a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. At the end of his rope, he is hired by the Nitro Mine Corporation to strong-arm the natives of a South China Sea island into giving up their rights to its valuable mineral resources. Nick loathes the thought of another mission, but this seemingly easy job will earn him enough money to get back with his estranged family. He recruits some of his former mercenary buddies to help him with the job. The island people refuse to give up their land and Nick decides to help them fight the greedy corporation that hired him. As greed and treachery begin to unravel, Nick’s band of mercenaries choose sides.

Tagline:Killers for hire are paid for what they can do, not for what they believe… until today.
Language:English, Français, Português

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